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Creating lasting experiences through light

We offer a complete lighting design and supply service to building professionals for residential, commercial, hospitality and leisure projects, with solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings.
We work with professionals across all areas of the design and interiors industry such as architects, interior designers, office fit-out specialists, AV & smart home integrators, electrical installers and landscape architects. We also work with end clients who like to be in control of their own project.

Modern Architecture



I have 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry, 14 with Light-U, which I founded in 2007. Before Light-U I worked with 2 of the world’s best-known Italian lighting manufacturers.

My motivation is to help my son, Josh achieve his goal of representing his country at the Paralympic Games in para-triathlon. This is not cheap to do with a good racing wheelchair and hand bike set up costing around £20,000, and despite receiving some Lottery sponsorship and assistance, much of the equipment cost and international travel is self-funded. So if you want to support developing UK talent, please chat to me about your project.

Outside of work I’m a keen cyclist, CrossFitter, DIYer, dog walker, pizza eater, beer drinker and volunteer coastguard.


It has now been over 5 years since Josh suffered a spinal cord injury, and in that time - after working through an intensive recovery program of physiotherapy, strength and mobility training - Josh has regained some use of his legs. He uses crutches for walking and continues to use a wheelchair daily. Josh says that he has far more mobility than the doctors ever thought he would have, which is an amazing accomplishment, however he is now at the point where his mobility probably won't improve any further.

Sport was an integral part of Josh’s everyday life prior to the accident and so during his recovery, he was understandably extremely anxious about where his sporting career was headed and how he could continue to participate in competitive sports. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, the former Lancashire hockey player and sports enthusiast was determined to not let his spinal cord injury get in his way of doing what he loved.