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Creating lasting experiences through light


Residential design

We work with building professionals and homeowners to provide lighting design and supply to newbuild projects, large renovations, and converted properties

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Commercial design

We offer a complete lighting design and supply service for commercial, hospitality and leisure projects, with solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings

Complete lighting design and supply service

Indoor and outdoor solutions

Compliant lighting design and light level calculations

Creative input to bring ideas to life

CAD layout drawings with rendered visualisations

Circuit schedules for lighting controls

Bespoke commercial and decorative solutions

Lighting procurement

Value engineering

3-year no-quibble product replacement guarantee*




Artificial lighting is about much more than just enhancing vision.

Lighting affects our perception of space, our sense of security, and our mood and wellbeing. 

Good lighting helps us to relax, it evokes emotions and feelings, it can change the way we feel, and it can enhance our experiences. Poor lighting has the opposite effect. A space can be too bright or too glary which is uncomfortable and can lead to ill health. Equally, a space that’s dimly lit creates a sense of insecurity and danger.    

At Light-U we understand these issues. That’s why we focus our attention on compliance and creativity when we’re involved in your project. We use precise lighting calculations to meet regulatory standards; from managing light levels during individual tasks, to implementing correct emergency lighting levels, our designers take care of it all.

Couple that with our creative input, reliable source of supply, and 3-year no-quibble product replacement guarantee, we offer a one-stop shop for all your lighting requirements.